Wendy Waugh strives to capture the interconnected spark of joy, love, and wonder that links humans to their sense of being.  Beneath the morass of everyday strife, Waugh seeks to illuminate the beautiful essence of her subjects.  Each piece balances softness and hardness to grasp the inescapable tension between joy and sorrow that man must endure.  Often overshadowed by daily monotony, Waugh’s figurative art expertise allows her to shed light on the gentle love cradled within us all.  Her work guides its viewer toward the opportunity for joy through her celebration of the human form.  By using subjects whose ages span from 18 to 91, Waugh seeks to reveal the beauty within a broad spectrum of ages all embracing life’s joyful course.  Rather than mold each of her friends into the image of beauty projected by media campaigns, Waugh reveals a much more pervasive beauty within her subjects.  Waugh’s graceful yet joyful portraits depict their true beauty, which appears far more beautiful than how these subjects often imagine themselves.  In each subtle curve, Waugh’s art communicates the language of her subject’s soul.  Even when life seems so absurd and trivial, Waugh’s intense chiaroscuro reveals the promise of hope and love that allows for us to grow with joy rather than shrink away in fear.  Her subjects demonstrate how each person can experience the greatest chance that mankind is offered: the chance to love.  In lending this promise through their movement and expressions, humans are connected by this sense of being, which Waugh intend to target in her art.  By using a simple palette of natural colors, Waugh strips away the facades that even her subjects live by to reveal the beautiful chance for love. – DW