I will create a work of art that is a unique expression of the person/s I am photographing, drawing or painting.
I look and find, that which I see, as the essence of my subject.
The result is one of beauty.
In order to do this, I get to know the individual. We spend time together, talking and sharing ideas, thoughts and maybe past experiences. During this time, I take many photos. The photos tend to capture numerous expressions, moods and moments in time. This is not a posed session, it is a time of exploration ; finding out who my subject is.
I work from the photographs that I take during this session.
You can choose either a photograph, a drawing or a painting as the final piece.

I invite you to join me in creating a beautiful expression of you, as I see you, or the person that you are commissioning me to draw/ paint.

Please contact me for prices and more details.